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Inspiration and design

Interior design brings to the client a world of possibilities that
will enhance their interiors. There are always new fabrics and
re-interpretations of existing ideas. Sometimes a designer may
find a chat with us will elevate an idea from the mundane to the extraordinary.


measuring and surveys

The measurements on a project are crucial. For peace of mind you can engage us to check measure your project. There is a cost, but it is cheaper than the expense of reworking the curtains!

We can also survey the project to advise whether the proposed fittings will be suitable and adequate for the project.


Hanging and Dressing

Perhaps the most important aspect of the job, this is when the whole project comes together and is presented to the client. Curtains need to be hung, which can be physically demanding, and then they need to be dressed to best effect; pleats need to be adjusted and tied back as necessary. Blinds should rise and fall correctly. At the end, the client should have the wow factor that the designer was aiming for.


On the other hand, some great designs may not be practical solutions. We have the experience to guide you to a new solution when an initial proposal may lead to practical difficulties. A stunning design that cannot be hung will result in a disappointed customer, an unpaid invoice and a dented reputation. Chat through your idea with us to avoid those design pitfalls.



We know that fitting tracks and poles is one of the jobs that designers struggle with. A good fitter is busy, but a poor fitter can be detrimental to the project. You need more than a handyman, a fitter needs to be sympathetic to the project and understand the technical requirements. We can always help, just another way that we offer peace of mind. 



Whilst some fabrics are quite forgiving, inevitably there will be others that will benefit from steaming to get them to look just perfect. Steaming curtains is a service that we offer, either as part of the hanging and dressing service, or perhaps at a later date if the project is not looking quite as crisp as expected.